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Here We Are In The Future!

November 21, 2019

Greetings, especially to everyone who got a busniess card from me this week!

If you are here, then it means my campaign was a success! As I may have stated, I haven't been updating this site isn't updated as it used to be, but it will be in the near future. The reason: Python!

If you haven't heard by now, Python 2 is going away so that we can finally get on the same page with Python 3. This site will eventually run Flask.

"But Jason? I though you wanted to use Node.js and Angular?"

I'd like to. I want to. But my webhost will only do that at a premium.

I can let you use Node.js...for more money.
Oh, Dreamhost. Why?!

What I can use: Flask. There's Python 3 here. So it's time too say goodbye to PHP. But here are the real reasons we want to do Python.

"What about Django?" Django is great, if you looking to do full-stack web development for a large and complex web application. Flask is more sutable considering this website is likely in the boondocks of the Internet. I just need to operate a simple web application on this website, so why not use something that fits the size of this website?

There's also some stuff that I'd like to do which involves using LaTeX, Graphviz, GhostScript, and extended form of Markdown. Apps like Zettlr and Typora do something like this with Markdown documents that include code editing and diagram creation. Markdown is easily tearing down barriers to entry to content creation for the web. Although, table construction is still one of its flaws. To fix this, I recommend doing table creation with LaTeX instead of Markdown.

Whatever it takes to get the job done is what this website should implement.

Social media platforms have defintely sucked the air out of the room in terms of genuine content creation. It's why this site does not use Wordpress. It's why there is no analytics or tracking. And it's why I still use meta tags for SEO. When I start making money to afford better webhosting, then we can talk about full-stack development.

For now, I keep the "stack" small.

A few activities I plan to do this winter:

There are a few other things I'd like to do but I don't want to post them online.

Stay tuned for updates.

Slow Change

August 6, 2019

I'll admit, progress here has been a lot slower than anticipated. Namely because most of the activity this site used to have has shifted from here to sites like my Medium blog, my Codepen, and now HackerNoon.

Given the fact that I have spent a lot more time at those three websites, the likelihood that changes to this site will be coming soon is like 90%.

What set me back on posting anything new was that a few months ago, one of the Raspberry Pis that I was using to back up this site died. It took me a while to think of how to recover the backup, and with fingers crossed, a new should be in the near future.

But what about tis page? It worked so well as a boilerplate to advertise that this site is not dead yet. I might move it to another page like "about.php", or given that I can use Python here (which I'll admit isn't as great as say using Node.js in some Express.js app or whatever React or Vue thing that is popular right now), I should consider moving to Python.

I won't get too much into the details here, but I did want to push an update especially if you came to this website from the Reverse Job Fair in Belleville, Illinois on August 8, 2019.

PHP was this site's language, but the time to evolve and use something else is nigh. And Python will be that something else.

Stay tuned for change!


October 20, 2018

That's right! I'm starting over! If you are wondering where all the old stuff is, I've moved it to a subdomain, I've probably broke a bunch of stuff moving the old stuff, but I'll fix it shortly so I works like it used to.

I'm hoping that I can do some reactive development here, either in React or Vue. (Supposedly that doesn't play well with Apache. So I'm either going to ask my webhost to drop Apache on the main domain or set up another subdomain for Node.js stuff.)

But don't be a stranger! I'm online through other means. I've been busy while this site was in limbo.

There's probably a few other things I haven't mentioned, like I'm trying to get my Cisco Certified Networking Academy certification at St. Louis Community College, I had been hanging out at Venture Cafe on Thursdays at Cortex now that there's the Metrolink stop there, and I'm kind of a regular at TREX downtown.

But most importantly right now, I need MONEY!.

This website is not a business. I would have loved to have monetized it years ago to make is a business with ads and sponsored content of things that I'm interested in years ago, but for the most part this website is just a passion, a "hobby". And while a lot of people choose to venture out and dive into filling out the LLC paperwork and registering as a business, I bought my first domain back in 2003 just because I though it would be cool to have my own website. Later, I replaced the domain name with my own name, because I wanted to let everyone know who I was, promote my skills, and hopefully lure the attention of someone interested in hiring me for those skills. Not everyone does there research to start their own website, find an affordable webhosting company, then write all the code by hand.

These days, a lot of people buy a website from a company that has the code prepared for them in cookie cutter fashion (i.e. SquareSpace), then hires some guy who barely do any work to fill the website with content. At least when they do it, they are being paid like $200 per hour for doing something that is the computer programming equivalent of just mowing someone's lawn.

While I do run this website all on my own, and it cost me about $20 per month to run it, the primary reason it exists is to flag down so tech company folks to say "I am here and I want to work for you!"

However, I'm at the point where I need to say "OK, if you're not going to hire me, could you at least chip in a couple of bucks to support my interests?" Which is why I have the ribbon and this button on my temporary home page.

Buy Me a Coffee at

I mean, six years a college shouldn't be followed by nearly a decade of bad luck which included two crappy job where at least one boss didn't pay me all my wages. Nobody who is highly educated, should be doing what this guy in this photo is doing to get a job in the United States.

Homeless Coder
It's all funny until you realize it is real.

Yes, that is what is happening in this country! It's not a joke anymore! There are folks out in the street or taking crappy jobs because people don't look at resumes, cover letter, letters of recommendation, or even websites. They look at networking and connections. People who go to the events, the hackathons, and the weekly get-togethers.

That's why this website needs to be renovated. Not to be a place where I shoot the breese on things I'm passionate about. But to show people how dedicated I am to wanting to get that job I worked so hard to obtain, even if my skillset isn't 10 years of whatever really old software product nobody has ever used or practiced with during their academic, vocational, or professional training.

I use the open source stuff, not because of a dislike of Microsoft, Apple, or whatever big tech company is out there raking in the billions of dollars, but because I simply don't have $3000 to pay for a computer and it is so unplesant to have your computer serviced by other people when I can do something to fix it myself. Could you believe I was turned down for a job once because I didn't own a Mac?! That's like someone at Burger King saying you can't work for them because you didn't eat a Whopper everyday.

Besides, do some research on the hardware specs of any Apple Product compared to any PC on the market, espeically component. If it wasn't for all these Bitcoin bozos, graphics cards wouldn't cost more than the rest of the computer components that you can buy and build your own PC (which I've done twice but had to settle for a mother board with on-boad graphics. Well, three times if you count my hacktop.).

The hottest thing is the industry right now is Node.js which is really a C++ program that interprets Javascript as computer code because Javascript is easy to learn much like Python.

But then things get complex with a whole bunch of business jargon like the following:

At any rate, this was supposed to b a short notice of things being moved around. Instead it is turning into another blog post. (I probably should move this stuff to my Medium blog later.)

Stay tuned, changes are coming for the better!